Wrinkles In Tulsa, OK

 Are you bothered by fine lines or loose or sagging skin when looking in the mirror? Wrinkles and folds don't just appear on the face. They also develop on body parts frequently exposed to the sunlight, like the arms, neck, shoulders, and back of the hands. Sun exposure, smoking, dehydration, and stress all contribute to wrinkles. Genetics puts you at risk of wrinkles, and so does being over 40, having a poor diet, or making repetitive facial expressions. At Dermatology and Laser Center of Oklahoma, our providers can recommend medical or cosmetic treatments in our Tulsa, OK, office to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, plus smoothen and revive skin for a more youthful look and feel.

Wrinkles: Prevention and Treatment

Skin naturally becomes less elastic and more fragile as you age. Reduced natural oil production also parches skin and wrinkles it because the fat in your skin's deeper layers vanishes. You can prevent wrinkles by protecting yourself from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays as much as possible from the sun or tanning beds. Alcohol and smoking are bad for your skin because they dehydrate the dermis, making it look dull. Stress can also affect the skin and cause wrinkles because when you're tired, your skin looks tired. When you visit our Tulsa, OK, office for wrinkle treatment, our certified dermatologist can suggest cosmetic services that refresh, revitalize, and re-energize your skin. Treatment for wrinkles depends on their depth, but popular non-invasive methods include laser resurfacing, facial fillers, or Botox injections.

Don't waste money on over-the-counter creams that promise to eliminate wrinkles forever. Our providers at Dermatology and Laser Center of Oklahoma can suggest cosmetic services for immediate, long-lasting results, that leave you feeling confident and refreshed. Call (918) 494-0400 to begin a treatment plan to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles or to schedule an appointment in our Tulsa, OK, office.