Ablative Fractional Resurfacing

What is Ablative Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

Ablative fractional laser resurfacing is a laser technology that can be used to smooth, blend, and minimize the appearance of surgical, acne, traumatic, and burn scars.

How does Ablative Fractional Laser Resurfacing work for scars?

Ablative fractional laser resurfacing lasers create microscopic thermal wounds within the scar. By having a “fractionated” laser beam, the wound heals faster and has fewer side effects. For flat scars, it blends the scar with the surrounding skin. For thick scars, the laser softens and flattens it. Acne scars can be smoothed following repeated treatments.

Who is a candidate for Ablative Laser Resurfacing?

Patients who desire improvement in the appearance of their scars and have skin that is fair enough that it would sun burn (if not wearing sunscreen) are candidates for this procedure. Surgical scars respond best when treated early during the healing process, while acne, thick, and burn scars can be treated at any time.

What are some reasons a patient is NOT a candidate for Ablative Laser Resurfacing?

Isotretinoin or Accutane use within the past 12 months, active or chronic infection, history of abnormal wound healing, prior radiation or intense electrolysis to the site being treated, pregnancy/nursing/trying to conceive, having a darker skin complexion (as this treatment can disrupt pigmentation)

What to expect during the treatment?

Topical numbing cream will be applied to your skin for 30 minutes prior to the procedure. Your eyes will be protected with goggles during the procedure. You will be fully awake. Each pulse is painless or mildly stingy but should not be painful. You will hear a beeping noise and a loud vacuum when the laser is used. The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the area treated. Small areas (such as surgical scars) take 5-10 minutes, while larger areas may require 30-45 minutes.

What can I expect post-treatment?

Following the procedure, cool ointment will be applied and possibly a light bandage. For the first few hours after the procedure, the treated skin may feel like a sunburn and be slightly raw. You will apply ointment to the wound for the first 6-7 days. Bandages are optional if the wounds are small, though the wounds should not be in direct sunlight if uncovered for the first week. After the wound is no longer raw (1 week), you will apply daily sunscreen. We will give you the skin care products to care for your skin while healing.

How do I prepare for a treatment?

Avoid sun exposure to the area being treated for 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after the treatment. If you are tan at the time of your treatment, we will need to reschedule your treatment for safety reasons. Avoid using hairsprays or anything flammable near the area being treated.

How many treatments are needed?

This depends on the severity of the condition being treated. Surgical scars that are blended early during the healing process typically only need a single treatment. Thick scars may require 2-4 treatments, while acne scars 4-6 treatments.

What is the cost?

Treatment cost depends on the size of the area treated, but ranges from $400-$1200.00 per treatment. Packages are available. Fees include all skin care products and follow up visits during the healing period.

Pre and Post Treatment

Pre and Post Treatment

Pre and Post Treatment

Pre and Post Treatment

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