What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel lifts away dead skin cells, giving the skin a smoother, fresher look and feel. They are used to treat fine lines, acne, unwanted pigmentation, and overall skin tone. Chemical peel ingredients and depths vary, and can be customized to meet your needs.

What areas can be treated with a chemical peel?

Faces, necks, hands, chest, arms and legs may be treated with chemical peels, though the type and strength of the peel is varied with the location, condition being treated, and skin type.

What to expect?

We will have you wash your face to remove natural oils and any skin care from your skin. Next, the skin will be wiped off using an alcohol type prep. A sponge will be used to apply the peel to your skin in thin layers. During this time, you will feel stinging and tingling for around 5 minutes. During this time, we will give you a fan or cold air to blow on your skin, which alleviates the discomfort. Over the next week, the skin will “peel”, as its name suggests.

What types of chemical peels do you offer?

We offer superficial and medium depth chemical peels. Superficial chemical peels (such as salicylic, Jessners, and glycolic acid) are safe for all skin types and work best if done monthly, as a part of a skin care regimen. Medium depth chemical peels (such as a combination of Jessners/ 35% trichloractic acid) are very helpful in treating unwanted pigmentation.

Can you combine other services during a chemical peel?

Yes. We offer the following services which can be performed at the same time as a chemical peel.

Comedone Extractions: removal of blackhead and white heads.

Blue Light Therapy: Blue light therapy has been FDA approved for treating the bacteria that causes acne. Your eyes are protected with goggles. The treatments are painless. For optimal acne treatment, multiple blue light treatments are needed.

Dermaplaning: A technique used to manually exfoliate your skin and removes “peach fuzz”

Facial: Deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, mask application and series of soothing medical grade

What is the cost for a chemical peel?

Superficial chemical peels cost around $85.00, while medium depth chemical peels (only performed by a physician) cost around $800.00